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Buckle Your Seat Belt and Pull Down the Safety Bar

Journey Back to Me takes you on a roller coaster ride through the mind.


Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


"Like a master chef who uses great skill to contrast and complement the intensity of flavors and textures of various ingredients to make a meal unforgettable, Journey Back to Me combines an unpredictable setting, spiritual wisdom, colorful metaphors, and playful dialogue to create an unforgettable story. Sure to rouse a full range of emotions, Liza’s page-turning journey seduces readers into a thought-provoking, perspective-altering introspection of their own lives and challenges readers to think about the way they think."

-- Christine Speer             

The Crowded Bookcase 


Journey Back to Me

A car accident leaves Liza, a successful single mom, unconscious. Trapped inside her subconscious and hijacked by her imagination, Liza learns firsthand how her thinking shapes her life. Her thoughts carry her away to dangerous and mysterious places, each gifting a lesson of how fear influences her thoughts, beliefs and the fullness of love in her relationships. Happiness, she discovers, is a function of her thinking. During her journey Liza uncovers secrets to rid herself of the fear-based behaviors that are inconsistent with her true self. To her delight, breaking free from the shackles of fear is simpler than she ever dreamed. Happiness is just a thought away...with practice.


Consistent with the most recent research in brain science on fear and happiness, this imaginative tale gift wraps all the power of a groundbreaking self-help book into one rollercoaster of a story. Colorful, thought-provoking lessons stay with the reader long after finishing the last page. The book serves as an ongoing resource for those interested in the art of intentional living. 


Journey Back to Me

Five-Star Reviews


"Buckle up and pull down the safety bar. This allegorical tale takes Liza and the reader through the interactive landscape of the mind on a rollercoaster ride of self-reflection, epiphanies, and life lessons. Ferguson has managed to weave together a lifetime of life lessons and observations about the human condition in a mere 125 pages." 

— J. Sutherland

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