Your thoughts. Your choices. Your life.

Thought management is your access to inner peace, confidence, and living a bold, joy-filled life. Your fears, your worries, your thoughts can either propel you forward or sabotage everything you hold as dear.



Meet Sheila

Sheila is a former high tech executive, consultant, and business performance expert. An avid student and teacher of personal transformation, Sheila lives with her husband in Hilton Head, SC, where she also serves as Past President on the Executive Board of the Women’s Association of Hilton Head Island.

Journey Back to Me is Sheila's first  book. Read her blog and latest article in Best Self Magazine: Our Best Self in the Face of Fear and Failure. 

Journey Back to Me: Touring the Landscape of My Mind

Sheila's first novella is a tour through the mind. Consistent with the most recent research in brain science on fear and happiness, this imaginative tale gift wraps all the power of a groundbreaking self-help book into one rollercoaster of a story. Colorful, thought-provoking lessons stay with the reader long after finishing the last page. The book serves as an ongoing resource for those interested in the art of intentional living. 


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Learn the three thought habits that most impact your state of mind and three practices you need to detect your disempowering thoughts, interrupt them, and then redirect your attention to something fruitful.