Your thoughts. Your choices. Your life. 

Thought management is your access to inner peace, confidence, and living a bold, joy-filled life. Your thoughts can either propel you forward or sabotage everything you hold as dear.

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Meet Sheila

Welcome! Thank you for visiting my website. Journey Back to Me: Touring the Landscape of My Mind is my first book. I love it and hope you do, too.


You can read articles on my neglected blog and my first article published in Best Self Magazine: Our Best Self in the Face of Fear and Failure. 

A little bit about me: I am a generalist and life-long learner. I love the challenge of start-up businesses and turnarounds. Occasionally, I will take on an interim executive assignment, but mostly I work from my home on Hilton Head Island on projects I love or hope will make a difference in my community. 

I am procrastinating on writing my second book and recently launched a new online community to practice the lessons from Journey Back to Me. Join me!

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Journey Back to Me:

Touring the Landscape of My Mind

This novella is a tour through the mind. Consistent with the most recent research in brain science on fear and happiness, this imaginative tale gift wraps all the power of a groundbreaking self-help book into one rollercoaster of a story. Colorful, thought-provoking lessons stay with the reader long after finishing the last page. The book serves as an ongoing resource for those interested in the art of intentional living. 


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